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Compliance & Private Investigations

Bizaan Holdings, LLC and Bizaan Security provides comprehensive private investigation and compliance solutions.  Bizaan Security can provide a team comprised of a highly trained and experienced group of investigators. All our private investigators are licensed by the state of Texas and are committed to fulfilling your investigative needs in a discreet, confidential and professional manner. Our Private Investigator service includes but is not limited to: surveillance, locates, missing persons, loss prevention, criminal and civil type cases, background and research, employment background screening, countermeasures/bugging or eavesdropping device location and covert spy equipment. We understand your need for discretion and for matters to resolve quickly. We will find investigators that fit best with your needs.

Please contact us today for all your investigative concerns and learn how we can provide a customized private investigation solution for your business, organization, or individuals needs today. 

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