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security patrol

Protect Your Business with Uniformed Security Officer Patrol Services

Our highly visible, uniformed security officers provide a visible, and powerful crime deterrent. Professional uniform presence is your first line of defense to your facility.

Patrol Services Provide Proactive Monitoring

Our uniformed security officers patrol using bicycles, vehicles, or on foot to provide a presence customized to your individual community's needs. We understand each property comes with unique concerns. Our high trained security officers are trained to meet the specific needs of your facility. We help you prevent problems before they start. 

Vehicle Patrol Services

  • A highly visible vehicle customized for you facility with high-visibility graphics and bright lights

  • We provide vacation watch services, HOA patrol services, apartment complex patrol services, and more

  • Our security team provides random patrol intervals to lessen the identifiable patterns of vehicle patrol services

  • We patrol all accessible areas with detailed, GPS-verified patrol reports

Foot Patrol Services

  • We patrol your property on foot to access all areas in detail to include checking for unlocked windows, unlocked doors, any concerns with vehicles, and more.

  • Our security team uses a detailed eye to look for concerns that are important to your facility.

  • Our professional team seamlessly integrates with your community to ensure approachability and confidence in your customized security team.

Detailed Security Patrol Reports

Our detailed, GPS-verified, and customized report provides information in real time and/or in daily reports directly to your inbox. Have confidence in the reports you receive with a snapshot of what your security team sees throughout the day.

Cost Effective Security Solutions

Patrol services are cost-effective security solutions for your business, facility, or organization. Oftentimes, these solutions can supplement onsite security services to add an extra layer of security and deterrent for your facility. Contact us today to receive a quote worth peace of mind.