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Unarmed Security

Our team specializes in providing peace of mind. Contact us to discover how our customized armed security officer solutions would serve your business.

Our unarmed security officers are licensed Non-Commissioned Security Officers by the Texas Department of Public Safety. Our in-house training company verifies their training and licensure.

Licensed Non-Commissioned Security Officers are trained in use of force continuum, de-escalation techniques, customer service, patrol techniques, and more. We carefully screen all staff to ensure they are the right fit for your facility. The owner of the company is also a board-certified and licensed mental health counselor and understands the importance of finding security officers with good judgement.

When you partner with us, you can depend on our experience and expertise:

  • Our well-trained, licensed security personnel monitor and patrol your facility at intervals that work for you.

  • We collaborate with you to design a customized security service solution for your facility using state-of-the-art technology and staffing patterns.

  • Our licensed, local management team stands ready to respond to your concerns.

  • We provide electronic reports and customer dashboards to have a live look at your security operations, incidents, routine reports, and other activity. 

Not all security companies are alike. We understand the routine frustrations you have with companies large and small. Bizaan Security was created to provide peace of mind for you!

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